The One Revealed: Volume II
Virtual Book Tour


Tour Schedule

Day 1 – January 20th:
Book Tour Introduction
Author: Karolyne Roberts 

Day 2 – January 21st: 
The One Revealed Podcast Interview
Micayla Robertson | IronWifey Magazine

Day 3 – January 22nd:
Sneak Peek of The One Revealed
Bria McPhee | Bria Speaks Life

Day 4 – January 23rd:
Praying for Your Future Husband
Kamryn Addison | Poetik Prayers

Day 5 – January 24th:
“The One” Conversations
Madeleine Ramstein | My Lamp Blog

Day 6 – January 25th:
The One Revealed IGTV Interview
Naomi Floy | #Fearless

Day 7 – January 26th:
Sneak Peek of The One Revealed
Victoria Johnson | Bud2Bloom

Day 8 – January 27th:
Hardcover Unboxing Video
Liz Richardson | LizMargaret 

Day 9 – January 28th:
“The One” Conversations
Ebonee Paisley | Yours Truly Eb

Day 10 – January 29th:
Sneak Peek of The One Revealed
Brande Berwick | Beautiful & Blooming

Day 11 – January 30th:
The One Revealed IG Live Interview
Tatianah Green | Bliss for Singles

Day 12 – January 31st:
Softcover Unboxing Video
Gabriella Pierre | Blessed by The King 

Day 13 – February 1st: 
The One Revealed Giveaway!
Tacondra Brown | Beautifully Transformed

Day 14 – February 2nd:
Book Launch & Big Reveal!
Author: Karolyne Roberts